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Mr. Asif Khan has their own biography. Mr. Asif khan was born on 12 June 1991. When he was born he was very innocent like boys. He started study at the age of 4 years. When he study at school he was very kind hearted and very naughty boys. Gradually he understood solution to their problems. He passed high school from MDA Dadri in 2008. And He passed Intermediate from MDA Dadri in 2010. He properly belongs to Dadri, Thakuran, G.B. Nagar, India. He got married in 2013. His wife Misses Rukhsar she is very simple and kind hearted woman. His hobbies is playing cricket.


His aim is to be a Success Businessman. Every person has their own aim. Mr. Asif Khan also wants to be a success businessman because they know very well if he will do hard work then they want to become a success business man and growth their business and build a big empire